A family of to-go lids that aim to simplify and enhance the experience of not beverage consumption. Each lid is designed to eliminate an existing barrier to maximize enjoyment. Inspired by water, the overall design subtly nods to the fluid elegance of the liquid state. The browns to mimic the color within and provide emotional warmth and comfort. Blue to que liquidity and establish and sense of fresh fluid elegance.

Smell: Scent is an essential sense in enjoyable drinking experience. Lids typically both block and detract.

Bite: One-handed opening is an essential element for the multi-tasker. Lids typically make you choose between spillage or closure.

Stash/Stack: Stashing is an essential aspect for cooling. and stacking for carrying multiples. Lids typically are cumbersome at best.


School: Pratt Institute

Program: Industrial Design

Team: Aaron Lehr, Dawn Gaughran, Woojin Chung, Lexie Burstein

Year: 2013


Vacuum formed plastic

Paper Cups

Tools/Skills Used

Industrial Design

Product Design

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