The Cedar woodshed was a design-build project that I built for a state park amphitheater to house and protect the firewood supply. Before I was able to build, I had to approach local companies to donate all of the materials for the project. This included treated lumber, cedar board for the siding, and cedar shakes for the roof, adding up to almost $2,000 of donated materials.

Eagle Projects are designed to be an experience to test ones skills of leading a team to execute a project that benefits the community. This shed was more challenging than usual for a student in high school due to its scale, complexity and need to design before beginning.


Company: Boy Scouts of America

Client: Brandywine Creak State Park, Wilmington, De

Role: Eagle Project

Role: Design, Fabercation & Fundraiser

Year: 2006



Drafting & Design

Design Build

Tools/Skills Used

Design, Drafting, Architecture & Interiors




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