Phase I of a landmark residential and retail development in an important urban gateway enhances the character of the busy shopping area and traffic area with 61 apartments and 10,000 square of retail. Innovative modular construction over a non-combustible “podium” base allowed for six stories in primarily wood construction. Units have views of neighboring parkland and reservoir, with balconies and roof-top terraces. Below grade parking for bicycles and vehicles, common meeting and exercise room completes the program. A transit-oriented development, the project is within ¼ mile of Alewife subway stop and has frequent front door bus service to Harvard Square.


Company: Piatt Associates Architectes

Partner Firmt: Stegman + Associates Architectes PC

Client: Abodez Development

Role: Design, Analysis & Drawings

Credits: Project Lead Jim Piatt

Year: 2011-2013



Drafting & Design

Tools/Skills Used

Design, Drafting, Architecture & Interiors

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