The Client: The design was to house a couple and young child. Keith is an industrial designer with a small office of three employees located in the live/work space. Keith’s practice includes exhibit design, packaging and product design with occasional forays into print media and furniture. Leah is a writer for science journals. She generally prefers to write in a quiet space, though when she is researching articles, she can be found at the office computers enjoying the more boisterous environment. She travels several times per year to present her work at conferences. Keith and Leah have one child, a six year old daughter named Sally. Sally attends the local school and has after-school activities twice a week. Other afternoons, Sally and her friend can be found in the office.

Concept and Idea: My research began with the analysis of downtown Providence to discover how the city expanded, grew and modernized in its culture and history. This led to the main focal point, a growing form beginning on the first floor moving up creating wall-divisions, desks, beds, shelves and other major design elements. The organic form was originally inspired from both growth in nature and in the growth of Providence which led to choosing a natural wood and simple contrasting colors, such as red and black to accent the wood. The vertical slated wall is visible from a large, three-story open lobby area that turns the building into a vertical open-living style loft. No doors or walls are present except for the bathrooms.


Degree: Rhode Island School of Design

Year: 2008

Professor: Janet Stegman





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