Daniel Hewett and I designed, promoted and taught the First Hand Projects Summer 2011 program a six-week project for Boston area high school students, endorsed by Boston’s Mayors Main Street Program and Office of Food Initiatives explored. How recent cultural enthusiasm for independent Food Trucks could be used as a catalyst for new and lasting social cohesion in economically disadvantages neighborhoods of Boston.

Over the course of six weeks, students studied outdoor gathering spaces, food trucks and local communities. Out of this came a series of exciting designs and full scale prototype mockups to link the activity and cool vibe of food trucks to local neighborhoods. After branding and digital fabrication, teams assembled their projects on-site and interviewed users to identify ways to make them even better. The project culminated with a presentation at Boston in City Hall.


Company: First Hand Projects

Client: City of Boston

Role: Teacher, Designer & Educator

Lead Educator: Daniel Hewett

Year: 2011


Teaching & logistics

Design Build

Highschool Students

Summer Program

Tools/Skills Used

Teaching, Education & Design

Design Build, Architecture & Furniture

Team building

Carpentry, Woodworking & Construction

CNC, Laser cutting & Digital Fabrication

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