In 2011, following two Housing Master Plans produced in 1995 and 2005, Stegman + Associates where approached to develop a program and schematic design for new student housing. The planning was initiated by the University’s plan to introduce a Living Learning program for all first-year students entering in the fall of 2013.

The scope of work included developing a space program to accommodate Living Learning functions and identifying how each existing first-year residence hall could accommodate those activities. Program matching exercises identified three alternate approaches to addressing program deficiencies including renovation of an existing tower and two possible sites for new construction. The working committee selected a phased construction approach for a new 392-bed hall to be located in the heart of the West Campus. Special program components include administrative offices, classrooms, comfortable living rooms and a community cooking facility.


Project: Stegman + Associates Architectes PC

Role: Design, Analysis, Drawings & Graphics

Credits: Project Lead Janet Stegman, Renderings by Jim Piatt

Year: 2011



Drafting & Design

Master Planning & Program Study

Tools/Skills Used

Design, Drafting, Architecture & Interiors

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