Bridging Cultures, a Journey of Intersecting Cultures

the Pier Museum’s arching forms reflect the arched bridges throughout southern Florida while acting as extensions of the land via its pubic pier-roof. The Pier Museum has two main parts: (1) the Bridge (large arch over the beach that houses the exhibits) connected to 5th Street and (2) the Projection (the arch projecting out of the water that houses gathering/public spaces)..

As one travels down the ramp into the museum, one’s journey begins at the lobby desk and continues though an area design to immerse one in the Latin American culture. Then one continuing either travels into the auditorium or into the Café, the space opens to a spectacular view of the ocean. Heading back to land, one travels into a multi-use space or exits onto the pier-roof and down to the beach.


Degree: Rhode Island School of Design

Program: BFA Interior Architecture

Year: 2010



Digital Modeling

Tools/Skills Used

Design & Architecture

Libray Design

Rhino & 3ds Max


Competition Design

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