I collaborated with a nonprofit corporation, Ocean Alliance to propose designs for their new headquarters in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The site is located in the old Tarr and Wonson Paint Manufacturing Plant, a complicated set of five buildings connected by an infill building. My concept was to fuse the buildings together with a clean intervention that is separated from the existing buildings by two feet.

This allows natural light to enter the exhibit space. In addition, the exhibit space has vertical glass boxes that cut through all the floors leading down to a lower level floating on the water. These openings allow the visitor to view the untouched history of the building.

Sliding perforated corten steel covers the infill structure, blending and fusing the buildings together. Rusted steel caps from the manufacturing of the paint cans line the foundations and can be viewed on the lower floating level. Similar perforated corten steel panels can be found on the outside and in the office spaces. They slide to configure the office space in different ways while dividing the office from the central staircase that is made from reclaimed wood beams


Degree: Rhode Island School of Design

Program: BFA Interior Architecture

Year: 2009


Architcture & Design

Digital Modeling

Rendering & Model Making

Tools/Skills Used

Design & Architecture

Rhino & 3DS Max


Model Making

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