This class explored new ways to interpret the notion of graffiti in a tangible form of expression. We explored traditional/parametric CAD design by using audio, video and sensors, plus employ rapid prototyping tools to produce objects with a variety techniques. including; 3D scanning, 3D printing, laser cutting, paper folding, etc.

I was asked by Mike Kelberman, one of Parsons 3d prototyping lab senior technicians to help him develop this class for the DT department to give students a better understanding of fabrication, both digital and by hand, as well as methods of producing generative and parametric 3d models utilizing Processing, Rhino, Grasshopper and fabricating with Arduino, CNC’s, 3d scanning and printing.


Company: Parsons School of Design

Year: Fall 2015


3d Printing

3d Scaning



Digital Fabercation, CNC, Laser cutting

Tools/Skills Used

3D printing


Masters Students

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