I volunteered for First Hand Projects, a non-profit founded by Daniel Hewett, a RISD professor. The organization gives high school students an opportunity to design and build small structures that benefit the community. For this project, I supervised groups of students, age 14 to 18, build a multi-purpose Sugar House and Education Center at Codman Community Farms in Lincoln, MA.

I was involved during the last few weeks of construction. Due to the short six week design and construction time period, I led a three student team to design and construct the details in the approach and doors. This experience allowed me to apply the teaching skills I practiced as a teaching assistant at RISD. As a result, I discovered that teaching is truly a priority of mine.

First Hand Projects is now known as Urbanframe See there website


Company: First Hand Projects

Client: Codman Community Farm, Lincoln, Ma

Role: Teacher, Designer & Educator

Lead Educator: Daniel Hewett

Year: 2010



Design Build

Highschool Students

Summer Program

Tools/Skills Used

Teaching, Education & Design

Design Build, Architecture

Team building

Carpentry, Woodworking & Construction

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