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Spatial Dynamics is a studio-based inquiry into the relationships between physical objects and spatial phenomena. These relationships are examined to identify forces and patterns in processes of change and growth. Working with intrinsic forces: structure, balance and modular composition, and extrinsic forces: gravity, space and time is the principle focus of this course. Projects employ a variety of media, and often include research and discussion of art and design history and theory, as well as concepts from disciplines such as the sciences or literature.

I researched and set up class lectures on relevant artist, orchestrated group critiques, worked individually with students to further develop there projects, documented & cataloged student work & generally assisted professors when needed.


Company: Rhode Island School of Design

Class: Foundation Studies Spatial Dynamics

Role: Teaching Assistant

Professor: Carol Lasch

Year: 2007-2010


Mixed Media

Tools/Skills Used

Teaching, Education & Design

Fine Art, Sculpture & 3d Design

Freshmen Foundation Program

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