Elevator pitch: Creating a foldable, compatible drone that fits into a water bottle sized shape and can help you in an emergency situation..

What is it? A compact recreational drone that can see where you can’t and if need be it can help you in emergency situations. This drone is foldable and fits into a tube the size of a standard water bottle for portability and protection. It comes with a wireless camera you can connect to your phone to take pictures or videos of your adventures. In addition it has an onboard cell signal amplifier that can receive a signal from high above and relay it down to you on the ground. This is incase of an emergency or you just have to send a text.

Project in Collaboration with: Hussein Ismail & Charles Saidel


Degree: Parsons New School for Design

Program: MFA Design & Technology

Professor: Mehdi Salehi & Kristen Kersh

Year: 2015


3d Printing


Interaction Design

Industrial Design

Tools/Skills Used

3D printing