My client gave me this white oak wood from a tree in his back yard.  His son always wanted a treehouse built in the tree, but it fell down in a storm.  I took the chunks of the trunk and asked me to make something for his son to remember the tree by. I milled and dried the wood, then hand-shaped this curved treasure box and carved an image of his son on the inside of the lid. Below is a poem writen by my clients son about the box for a school project was to write a poem about something he has that holds meaning for him.

Oak Tree
By Brandon Chin
Oak Tree you have to go
I wish you could stay with me
You old special tree
You were here when I was born and watched me grow
Now it’s time for you to go
But part of you will stay with me
In my heart
And as a box
You old special tree
Your grain looks like ripples in water
With dove tails strong we will go at life together
You will hold all my things
Better than any chest
For a thousand years
And a thousand years to come
And you will always be
My old special tree


Company: Trueblood Lehr Designs

Size 12in x 7in x 5in

Year: 2011


White Oak

Tools/Skills Used

Furniture Design



Hand Carving

Hand Shaping

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